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Seem Into a Static Caravan Insurance Quote On the internet
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" Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (right) looks on as lawmakers raise their hands shouting "banzai!" (Hurrah!) after the dissolution of the Lower House of the Parliament in Tokyo, Japan Phillies Mitch Williams Jersey , on Thursday. Photo: IC
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe dissolved parliament Thursday, effectively kicking off a national election campaign where he faces an unexpected and formidable challenge from the popular governor of Tokyo.

Members of the lower house raised their arms and shouted ""Banzai"" three times - the Japanese equivalent of ""three cheers"" - after the speaker read out a letter officially dissolving the chamber.

Voters in the world's third-biggest economy will go to the polls on October 22, as Abe seeks a fresh popular mandate for his hardline stance on North Korea and a new tax plan.

""A difficult battle starts today,"" Abe told reporters Phillies Larry Andersen Jersey , shaking his fist.

""This is an election about how to protect the lives of people,"" said the premier. ""We have to cooperate with the international community as we face the threat from North Korea.""

Abe asked for public support for his ""strong diplomacy"" on Kim Jong-un's regime, which has threatened to ""sink"" Japan into the sea and fired missiles over its northern Hokkaido island twice in the space of a month.

""We need to fight for our children's future.""

Abe stunned Japan on Monday with a surprise call for a snap election, seeking to capitalize on a weak opposition and a boost in the polls Phillies Tug McGraw Jersey , as voters welcome his hawkish policy toward Pyongyang.

But Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike has upended Japanese politics in recent days, stealing Abe's limelight with her newly launched ""Party of Hope"" that seeks to shake up the country's lethargic po-litical landscape.

Koike's new party, formally unveiled Wednesday, has attracted an influx of lawmakers from a wide range of ideological backgrounds and has succeeded in unifying opposition to Abe Phillies Robin Roberts Jersey , presenting Japanese voters with a credible alternative to the premier.

Japan's main opposition Democratic Party later Thursday decided not to run candidates in the election, effectively joining forces with Koike's juggernaut.

For the moment, although Koike is leading the party, she is not running for a seat in parliament Phillies Steve Carlton Jersey , preferring to concentrate on governing the world's most populous city in the run-up to the 2020 Olympic Games.


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