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rest of the bail am
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The bail bonds business can seem a little intimidating for those who find themselves in a sudden need to patron local bail bonds companies Dallas Stars Jersey , but the reality is that bail bonds are a fairly straightforward legal process designed to actually benefit those arrested.

Not every state across the country incorporates the use of bail bonds. Some type of bail, however, is always existant in the arrest process in every state.

We’ll start in this piece by examining some general info about bail bonds and hone in on specifics as it relates to Southern California. Let’s begin by taking a look at some rudimentary info about bail bonds, and then get into some specifics about the bail bonds process in SoCal, particularly the Los Angeles and Van Nuys areas where two major county jails exist.

Bail Bonds Information (Applies Throughout the State of California)

Bail bonds in our judicial system are actually designed to protect citizens who get taken into custody by law enforcement. Instead of keeping them in jail until their scheduled court dates, bail bonds allow people their freedom until their date of trial so their case doesn’t interfere with the rest of their lives.

Judges often set bail amounts to pretty standard levels based on similar cases that have happened before. But they are legally allowed to fluctuate bail amounts from the norm in certain circumstances, depending on the case.

Sometimes bail can be excused altogether, though this is very, very rare. It usually only occurs in cases of prominence or involving public figures. Sometimes, bail can be denied altogether if the defendant poses a perceived threat to the community, though this is also very rare. This usually happens only in cases of particular prominence. Bail costs are almost always greater than ten thousand dollars. Since most citizens can鈥檛 afford to shell out that kind of cash, a bail bondsman fronts the 鈥渕oney鈥?for the suspect by issuing a bail bond, at a cost of just 10% of the bail to the suspect. The bail bonds company gets to keep their fee, and all financial responsibilities are forgiven by the courts if the defendant makes it to all his scheduled appearances.

Bail Bonds Process in LA

Bail works the same in Los Angeles as it does throughout California. More than 350 adults were arrested per day in 2010, according to the LACSD Crime and Arrest Statistics Report. In most of these cases, bail bonds get posted at local stations and those arrested do not ever see the inside of a county jail.

If they are transferred to a county jail, a bail bondsman can meet them there. In LA County, this usually means the Los Angeles County Jail (The Twin Towers,) or the LA County Jail at the Van Nuys Courthouse.

Van Nuys Bail Bonds

No matter what type of holding facility a suspect is at, the bail bonds process will remain the same.

Bail bonds agents have to go through a paperwork process to post an official bond. Once done, suspects are allowed to go free until their scheduled court dates. After that, the bail process is over as long as the defendant appears in court as required. If so, the bail bonds company keeps their 10% fee for their services and thecount is forgiven.

Patrick Colt is an experienced writer who’s written extensively about Los Angeles bail bonds and other legal principles surrounding bail proceedure. For more info, we invite you to check out the following site: Los Angeles bail bondsman

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