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Will I have to go to Jail on my
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Drug possession is a serious criminal charge in Texas carrying a wide range of punishments from probation to lengthy jail sentences Martin Prado Marlins Jersey , depending on the quantity of the drug. A conviction on drug possession criminal charges may have serious implications for you because of the likelihood that you could have to go to prison and pay stiff fines reaching into the thousands of dollars, as well as the possibility the authorities may perhaps seize your vehicle or other assets.

Drug possession charges will follow you with a criminal record that may also keep you from certain jobs and professional licenses. If you are charged under the possession law, it means the state has accused you of carrying or having access to a controlled substance that include marijuana, crack, or Ecstasy.

A drug possession conviction could possibly bring about a 6 month driver’s license suspension under Texas statutes, so it is practical to speak with an lawyer to educate yourself regarding alternatives to pleading guilty in the event you require the ability to drive. Law enforcement might charge you with drug possession if they find drugs in your pockets or anywhere else on your body, or they can certainly charge you under a claim of “constructive possession”. That means the drugs had been in a location that you normally control or could very easily reach, which could be your car, your apartment, or the cushions of a couch where you were sitting when the authorities entered.

Hire the Most EffectiveCriminal Attorneys Houston

Whether you are experiencing felony drug possession charges or your minor child is dealing with misdemeanor drug criminal charges for possessing a small quantity of marijuana, it is important to have an experienced attorney advocating for your privileges. Contact a Houston, Texas law firm to schedule a no charge initial consultation with a competent, aggressive Drug Possession Defense attorney.

Aggressive Drug Possession Defense

The Finest Houston Criminal Lawyer will have many years of practical experience providing vigorous defense for adults and juveniles defending criminal defense criminal charges for possession of illegal substances, that include:



Methamphetamines (meth)

Crack cocaine

Other illegal drugs

A drug possession conviction can certainly lead to criminal penalties, including fines and time in jail, and other consequences, including license suspension, damage to reputation and loss of ability to acquire student loan financing. The Top Houston Criminal Lawyer will endeavor to lessen or altogether avoid such drastic consequences by offering zealous defense counsel.

The penalties for a drug conviction might range from fines of $2,000 and 180 days in jail to fines of $50,000 and an entire lifetime in jail. The level of misdemeanor or felony charge is primarily based upon the quantity of drugs confiscated. For example, possession of five ounces of marijuana would lead to state felony charges with a sentence potential as high as $10,000 and a couple of years in prison.

Drug Possession Sentencing Judges will usually attempt to figure out if the drugs had been for personal use or drug possession for sale and distribution when sentencing. Often the fines are quite major and often the sentence includes at least random drug testing and probation if not some time in jail. Drug awareness classes and community service hours are often the first option for a good number of judges, once it has been established that the drugs had been for personal use.

A skilled criminal defense attorney can help prove this, or perhaps demonstrate that the drugs were not yours in situations where they had been recovered from a vehicle or home.

Protect Your Legal Rights Under the Law

You have a right to remain silent and the right to a lawyer – use them. The Leading Houston Criminal Lawyer investigates the methods in which the evidence was obtained in order to discover violations of your constitutional rights.

Elicited confessions and the confiscated drugs are often the sole evidence creating a case against you. This definitely will provide leverage in plea negotiations and even result in dismissal of drug criminal charges. Any sort of evidence which is obtained in violation of your rights is inadmissible in the courtroom – meaning the evidence can’t be used in a case against you. In cases where a confession was acquired unlawfully or unlawful drugs were confiscated with an invalid search warrant (illegal search and seizure), your attorney should fight to suppress the evidence. As a highly skilled drug possession lawyer, Charles Johnson understands how to mitigate detrimental evidence.

Will I have to go to Jail on my Drug Possession Criminal Charge?

State possession law permits counties to set up diversion programs for individuals charged with offenses involving the use or possession of drugs, including marijuana. And, judges must give probation, or community supervision, in many drug possession court cases.

The state health code also requires any county with a populace of more than 200,000 to establish a drug court program to send some drug offenders to treatment as opposed to jail.

The punishment mainly will depend on the amount of drugs concerned and your prior conviction history, but it is very conceivable you may perhaps not have to serve time for a drug possession conviction if it is your first criminal offense for a somewhat small amount.p>

The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure makes community supervision and mandatory drug treatment programs a sentencing requirement Bali is one of the favorit. Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Online Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping Cheap NBA Jerseys Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Wholesale NHL Hockey Jerseys Wholesale Football Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale College Jerseys From China Cheap NBA Basketball Jerseys

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