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With a fear of sharks being one of mankind?s most com
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With a fear of sharks being one of mankind?s most common phobias Greg Olsen Jersey , it is no surprise that shark conservation too often falls by the wayside. But in reality, it is the sharks that should be afraid of us. There is no better way to discover the grace and magnificence of the tiger shark, than to undertake a shark conservation intern programme.

Off the Menu

One of the world?s most ancient species, the shark has had many years in which to decide upon a staple diet. Yet we so often assume that they would like nothing more than to make a meal of a human. In fact, experts in shark conservation have found that although the shark?s diet is comprised of meat ? often in the form of turtles, fish and seals ? humans are off the menu. Due to the slower nature of their digestive system, sharks prefer to hunt creatures with fewer bones and higher levels of fat. A meal containing more fat, such as a seal or a sea lion, will give the shark a prolonged source of energy.

Mistaken Identity

Sharks are renowned for being very inquisitive creatures; on seeing objects that they are not familiar with they will almost always investigate. However, as they are ill equipped to feel the object they are investigating the way humans and other animals with paws can, they rely on their snouts and jaws to do the detective work. Unfortunately this is how so many shark attacks occur. However, in most cases, once sharks have realised that the unfamiliar object is not a morsel, they will release it immediately. With at least 90 per cent of shark attacks being a simple case of mistaken identity, it would seem the shark is a much misunderstood creature. What could be more rewarding than helping shark conservationists to overcome the bad reputation the shark has gained through its own curiosity?

Looks Can Be Deceiving

With a fully grown tiger shark reaching a length of between 10 and 14 feet, and weighing up to 700 kilograms, it is no surprise that many humans are afraid of them. Their size, along with the enormous number of teeth that they have, gives them a somewhat fearsome appearance. However, it is too easy to overlook the majesty of these animals. Adolescent tiger sharks are marked with dark, vertical stripes, from which they have gained their name. These stripes fade as the shark matures, but they remain a beautiful colour all over. Though they may look initially intimidating, spend some time watching them propel themselves through the shallows and you will begin to see what those interested in shark conservation see; fear will give way to wonder as you are won over by their grace and elegance.

Understanding the behaviour and movements of the tiger shark is important to their survival. Taking part in a shark conservation programme not only gives you the chance to contribute to their protection, but also affords you the opportunity to explore and dive some of the most fabulous coast line in South Africa, to swim with sharks with no cages between you, and finally, to lay all your fears of sharks firmly to rest.

XINING, Aug. 23 (Xinhua) -- Northwest China's Qinghai Province could become the first region in China to run entirely on clean energy by 2050, experts have said.

By 2050, the installed capacity of green energy in Qinghai could reach 400 million kilowatts, and its annual electricity generation could surpass 800 billion kilowatt hours, said Lu Qiang, academician with Chinese Academy of Sciences, at a high-profile green energy forum in Qinghai.

""By then, it could completely remove reliance on fossil energy and run solely on stable, safe and sustainable green energy sources,"" Lu said.

From June 17 to midnight June 23, Qinghai ran entirely on renewable energy, using wind, solar and hydro power.

During the period, hydro power plants supplied 72.3 percent of the electricity, with new energy such as wind and solar supplying the remainder.

Home to the source of China's major rivers, including the Yellow, Yangtze and Lancang rivers, Qinghai has strong hydro-power and solar supplies, and is home to 5.8 million people.

By May this year, the Qinghai power grid had an installed capacity of 23.4 million kilowatts, about 82.8 percent coming from hydro, solar and wind power.

The Qaidam Basin in Qinghai is one of China's 13 recycling economy pilot zones.

""Qinghai has an organic industry chain of power generation. It also has diverse transmission paths if it wants to send power to other regions. Qinghai has stronger competitiveness than other regions to develop green energy,"" said Jin Yong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

During the 12th five-year plan period (2011-2015), China's energy consumption per unit of GDP dropped by 18.2 percent, said Ren Shuben, head of environment resources at the National Development and Reform Commission.

""Now is a good time to give a strong push to green energy and the recycling economy to change energy consumption and achieve high-efficiency energy use,"" he said.

Lu said Qinghai needed to tackle problems of instability in green energy and develop a smart grid where hydropower, solar, wind and power storage facilities could function together organically.

According to the provincial 13th five-year plan, Qinghai will expand its solar and wind capacity to 35 million kilowatts by 2020 and supply 110 billion kilowatt hours of clean electricity every year to central and eastern parts of China, without burning 50 million tonnes of coal.

China's enthusiasm for clean energy is pushing the global transition toward a low-carbon future with plans to invest 2.5 trillion yuan (370 billion U.S. dollars) in renewable energy by 2020, creating more than 13 million jobs, according to the National Energy Administration.

Typhoon Hato makes landfall in south China

World Robot Conference 2017 kicks off in Beijing

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