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Panthers 2018 season opener countdown: 51 days to go
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There are only 51 days remaining until the Carolina Panthers begin the 2018 season by welcoming the Dallas Cowboys to Bank of America Stadium. That means that I get to spend the next 600-ish words talking about my favorite human being to ever wear a Panthers uniform—Sam Mills.Most of the articles in this countdown series are a mundane exercise to pass the time. I’m sure most of you have figured that out by now. We give a quick rundown of height Carolina Panthers T-Shirt , weight, age, experience, blah blah blah about each player and then spend a few moments saying nice things about them. It’s filler content to make up for the lack of real news, honestly—I think all of us can safely admit that. But this number is different. This one means something. Almost everyone reading this has either been through or knows someone who has been through the dreaded C-word. I don’t believe I’m unique in this regard, but I do believe that watching someone close to me wither away from the terribleness of cancer has changed my perspective on life and what’s truly important. I’ve learned that a lot of trivial things simply do not matter in the grand scheme of it all, and yes—while I know this is a football site—football is trivial in and of itself. It’s just a game that people play for fun, and it only takes on meaning in how it helps build relationships—whether that is with fellow fans, teammates, or with family that you already know and love.Sure, Sam Mills was a football player. A damn fine one, in fact. But he was so much more than that. He was a family man, a brother, a teammate. He was an inspiration to many of us. He was a member of the Carolina Panthers from 1995-2004 as a player and coach, and in those nine years he completely changed the culture of the organization and fan base. To honor his legacy, the Panthers inducted Mills into their Hall of Honor in 1998, erected a statue of him outside Bank of America Stadium Carolina Panthers Hats , and retired his number during halftime of a preseason game in 2005. He is currently the only player to receive both honors from the organization.Mills was diagnosed with intestinal cancer in 2003, and continued to coach the Panthers while receiving treatment for the disease. But sadly, after an arduous two-year battle with cancer, Mills passed away on April 18, 2005.While he played 12 seasons in the NFL and was named to the NFL All-Pro team three times (1991, 1992, 1996), Mills is most known for his ‘Keep Pounding’ speech—a motivational message he gave to the team the night before their Wild Card playoff game against the Cowboys on January 3, 2004. The Panthers would go on to win that game 29-10, and would follow that victory with two more (including the infamous ‘X-Clown’ win over the Rams) to give the team their first Super Bowl appearance in franchise history. The tradition of remembering Sam Mills continues today. The Panthers started the Keep Pounding Fund in 2003, where donations can be made to further cancer research. Before every home game, the Panthers honor his legacy by banging the Keep Pounding drum. In 2012, when Nike took over the manufacturing of NFL uniforms, they included a special memento of Mills’ legacy—the Panthers currently have the words ‘Keep Pounding’ embroidered on the inner collar of their jerseys as a reminder of the impact Mills had on the franchise both on and off the field.So yeah, there are only 51 days left until the Panthers kick off the 2018 season. But today, let’s think beyond that. Let’s think about ways we can help others. Let’s think about ways we can do something for the greater good. Let’s overlook the struggles we may be going through and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s make a difference in the world.Let’s keep pounding.Information from Wikipedia contributed to this storyPanthers vs Bengals: Step UP or Step OUT; which players are hot and which are cold going into Week 3 Welcome back to the 2018 edition of Step UP or Step OUT, a series on CSR that is intended to look at players who are playing well and highlight a few that need to step their game up. Think of it as a heat index for the Carolina Panthers; guys who are playing well are stepping up and those who aren’t need to improve their game or. . . step out.This week we’ll look at some guys that really popped off the screen during week two and need to maintain that intensity heading into our week three contest against the Cincinnati Bengals. The others mentioned Carolina Panthers Womens Hoodie , well. . . they need to play better or maybe just step out of the way and let someone else take over.Steppin’ UPChristian McCaffreyHeat Rating: A pizza roll, between two bagel bites, inside a pepperoni hot pocket.Through two weeks of the season, Christian “Deuce Deuce” McCaffrey has 234 yards from scrimmage, and has proven to be the most useful weapon Cam Newton has. More importantly, he has put to rest any kind of doubt in his toughness. This past week, the man steamrolled multiple defenders while fighting for first downs on more than one occasion, including pushing through the bear hug of a Falcons defensive line for a few extra clicks. It was impressive to see for a man his stature, and it’s only a taste of things to come.Cam Newton“Drip” level: Post Hurricane Florence humidity type drippin’Cam Newton was brilliant Sunday in a losing effort that was brought up through no fault of his own. He did take a couple of risky passes under pressure that were ill-advised and gladly didn’t end up as interceptions, but by and large, his receiver corps needs to play better. Cam found most of his success over the middle, and turned in an elite level completion percentage of 71%, despite five drops, gaudy enough to make even the most discerning hater take notice. If the offensive line can do their best Hodor impression against the Bengals, there is no reason to believe that Cam won’t have another really good day.Chris Clark and Taylor MotonHeat Rating: The grilled cheese sandwich in the middle of your panini pressFor two guys not expected to have starting jobs as tackles in the NFL at the beginning of the preseason, this was an impressive outing for these bookends. Particular kudos go to Chris Clark for only allowing two pressures on less than a week of practice. Taylor Moton didn’t allow a single one, even while having to switch back to the right side Womens Customized Carolina Panthers Jerseys , and if you ask me, he is currently the team MVP. Steppin’ OUTTorrey SmithCold Rating: The hands of an outdoor wedding ice sculptureWhile he did catch a touchdown pass on Sunday, it doesn’t really make up for letting at least two passes slip straight through his hands earlier contributing to stalled drives. This has been a knock that has followed him his entire career, and it doesn’t look like the veteran has suddenly changed his ways. I expect that DJ Moore is going to start poaching some snaps from him sooner than later, or better yet, the added heat will bring out the best in him.Julius PeppersCold Rating: Currently frozen pot stickers that will soon unfreeze in my frying panWe have to remember that Julius is only currently heading into week three of the preseason, so at least this is going to be the dress rehearsal game, right? The future hall of famer’s impact has been extremely limited during the first two bouts of the year, and it’s time for him to wake up and step UP. Cameron Jordan seems to think a whole lot of him, and I know we all do as well, but if he’s going to continue his storied career, we need to start seeing something soon. Greg Van RotenCold Rating: Eh... more like a cold beverage that is starting to approach room temperatureI’ve got a lot of love for Greg Van Roten. He’s never given up on his dream, and has finally earned a starting job as a left guard for the Carolina Panthers through his determination. That said, he still has a lot to learn technique-wise. He has a tendency to get flat footed and lean his midsection in toward the defender he is blocking sometimes. What that does is ruin his power base, and the moment it happens you usually seem him go flying backward straight toward Cam Newton. It happened twice against the Falcons, and Geno Atkins will be terrorizing the interior for the Bengals. Greg will really need to be on his game for the Panthers to have a shot.
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