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Love is a flower, you send me a flowe
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Love is a flower, you send me a flower, I send you a flower, you have a sincere friendship. Among the many loves, the most intimate and purest love is - friendship.was a sunny afternoon, the sun was shining on our faces, we were in the Sunshine Physical Education class, some female students were playing basketball, what about our boys? Running in the game. A male student said that we are divided into four groups, a total of five groups. When I ran, I just ran for a while, and the unfortunate thing happened to me. I accidentally fell down with a small stone. Coincidentally, many broken glass in the place where I fell, my hand was scratched by glass fragments. When my good friend saw me like this, I quickly helped me up and whispered, "Nothing! Go, let's go to the medical room." He said that he helped me to turn into the medical room. He washed his hands first, then washed my wounds with clean water, then applied some red medicine to the wound, and finally wrapped my wounds with bandages Cigarettes Online. When she helped me into the classroom Marlboro Gold Pack, my mother came out of my eyes and my mother sent me home. Just as I didn't know what to do when I dropped my homework in the afternoon, I heard a knock on the door. When I opened the door, it turned out to be my good friend. He came to teach me homework. He carefully told me a little bit, for fear that I would not understand. In the end, I have understood what he said and found confidence.endship is important, it is easier to communicate than any love. There is no laughter in places where there is no love; there is no gorgeous light in the castle without fraternity; there is no garden to be lovable, and there is no flower in it. Friendship will accompany me for a lifetime.oday, I am facing the window. Suddenly I saw that there was a drizzle outside, and I couldn��t help but give birth to one thing: Why didn��t it work for antique people and walk in the rain?, I walked into the rain leisurely and forgot to bring an umbrella! When I was about to go home, I suddenly remembered that the slanting wind and drizzle did not need to be said Carton Of Newports, stopped the pace of going home and continued to walk in the rain.. the rain, everyone looked at me. The lower body is wearing a long floral skirt, and the upper body is wearing a lady's and atmospheric shirt How Much Is A Carton Of Newports. The hair is a hemp flower, and the head is not decorated, but it looks dignified and beautiful. Suddenly I remembered one of the words in "Dream of Red Mansions": "Sick and weak Xizi wins three points." I think I can compete with Xi Shi, but I am not as weak as her. There is a strong strength in the beauty. It is really soft and soft in steel. There is just..thinking about it for a long time, I also walked a lot in the drizzle, and my hair and clothes were wet. I wanted to come home. On the way home, I saw those children playing freely and having fun so much in the rain! Then I remembered my childhood Parliament Cigarettes...
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